Wednesday-27th December

Accommodation : Peermont Metcourt, Emporer’s Palace, Johannesburg
Transfer : Hotel transfer

So Africa hey the place of wild animals, brilliant sunsets and white piercing smiles emanating from beyond those gorgeous black faces. Yep Africa is where we are off to…we just have to get there first!

We stayed the night at the Parkroyal at the airport given the early morning start which would have been even earlier if we had had to travel from home. We were making our way to Johannesburg via Sydney; a domestic flight first and then a fourteen hour direct flight (passing over Melbourne)

We left Sydney one hour late, not really a problem as we were just getting the hotel transfer when we arrived. The flight over was uneventful (although we did miss our usual travelling companion who occupies the middle seat, providing us with not only more width room but also a window seat). This time we were in the aisle and the middle, not a huge problem as the man on the window fell asleep for the majority of the trip; although I’m not sure sure how he managed to do that still wearing a tie and suit!

The sleep he got was much greater than that of Philip and I. We managed a few hours ‘kip’, watched a few movies and sampled some of Qantas’s ‘quality’ food in order to pass the time.

We arrived at 5pm Johannesburg time or 2am Melbourne time. The bags were incredibly slow coming out and we were the last to get our luggage some one hour later. Finally a transfer to the hotel where we thought the time had come to settle into our room and then grab a quick bite to eat before crashing for the night.

Unfortunately it wasn’t that simple with the safe in our room not working and then being informed that the best option was to move rooms; all after we had unpacked. Getting to our next room, the key card wouldn’t work but they informed us that this wouldn’t be a problem and we could get it fixed when we returned from dinner. Sadly this assistance didn’t happen but hey tomorrow’s a new day. Dinner, however was good. Steak at Tribes in the hotel complex – only $35 a bargain.

So a mixed bag in a very long day. Looking forward to a good sleep and a good day tomorrow.

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