Tuesday – 2nd January

Accomodation : Gorges Lodge
Transport by Blacksie (arranged by the accomodation)

Today we slept in a little later as we didn’t need to be on the road until 10:30. Our first stop was a 25 minute helicopter flight over Victoria Falls, down the gorge and up through the Upper Zambezi river. It was an extravagance in terms of cost especially when the rate is in US dollars but the reality is that we are probably only going to be here once and this was not something to be missed. (Although we did wonder what our guide must have thought when it could have brought a cow, donkey and a couple of goats!)

The flight only contained Philip (in the front), myself in the rear and Lewis our pilot (of course in the front!). To see the falls from the air was great and gave us a really clear picture of how wide the Zambezi is, funnelled into a narrowing opening being the waterfall and then an even smaller narrowing being the gorge of the lower Zambezi. Looking down from below you also got an overview of all the places that we had been – the falls, the bridge, the upper Zambezi and the gorge where our lodge resides. Flying over the national park, which encircles the town of Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side, we also saw giraffe and zebras although they looked decidedly smaller than from the back seat of a jeep.

After the flight, we decided to have lunch in town. Blacksie suggested that we should go the first hotel constructed in Victoria Falls – the Victoria Falls hotel…original name hey! Walking through, it was like a bigger version of Raffles in Singapore; so very British looking. When you walked through to the outdoor restaurant, you looked straight onto the bridge and could see the ‘smoke’ of the falls rising from amongst the vegetation…yep not a bad place to do lunch. The food and drinks were enjoyable especially the ice cream sundae that Philip had which contained coconut covered marshmellows, chocolate croutons and hot butterscotch sauce.

Next stop was a brief walk through town. My sunglasses had broken so a cheap replacement was in order. Luckily we found a glasses store immediately we opened the car door. I don’t know if this was by chance or good spotting by Blacksie. The stores don’t have much; each one looks the same so this shopping trip was a brief one although it was still good to see what ‘town’ offers.

Back to the lodge after another full day (which necessitated another cat nap) before dinner and a chance to go through some of the photos. Dinner was another hit in terms of the buffet although we weren’t really into the deep fried asparagus entree and the cheesecake for dessert. Given what we’ve been eating though, we’re giving the hippopotamus a run for their money in terms of appearance!

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