Thursday, 5th January

So today is a slow one. A chance to meander around, go to the beach, swim in the pool and just plan for the last couple of days on Sri Lanka. Breakfast was made by the chef, who was apologetic that he didn’t have any milk so unfortunately couldn’t do scrambled eggs. He did do fried though with toast and an assortment of fruit. This worked well as the toast had a familiar accompaniment – the Vegemite brought by Jen from Australia.
Following breakfast it was another stroll into town to see if we could book a massage for today or tomorrow and also organise the happy pants creation to be made for Philip (yep how very retro and 70’s). Sanctuary Spa couldn’t accommodate all four of us today so tomorrow it is. The happy pants lady was a little concerned when we turned up as she had not yet completed my pants that were ordered yesterday however settled when we explained that we had come to order some more pants and would give her additional time to make both.
After the order was taken it was onto what is now becoming the usual stop – the Juice man (if you can say two days in a row is the usual). He whipped up his little concoctions to which we gleefully drank given that once again it’s a warm one – especially after walking along the beach.

Off to the bank; well actually what seems to be the only ATM in town and then a walk back to the villa.
Here people decided to take a dip in the pool (where we were again visited by the resident Monkey’s), grab something to eat at the local Sun and Sea (another regular) and spend some time on the beach. Others worked on the blog, went for a walk and got up to date with what is happening back home including the news about James Hird.
Dinner tonight was another meal prepared by the chef – special request and the time of our choice. Not a bad deal once again.

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