Sunday – 7th January – Chobe

Accomodation : Bakwena Lodge, Chobe

After the excitement of yesterday, today’s morning drive was one of those that had most things but lacked the ‘big’ wow. Having said that we are in Botswana in the middle of Chobe National Park so life is pretty good. Sometimes it can be the small things that provide the greatest amazement like the poor much maligned dung beetle. These little guys can roll a dung ball more than ten times their weight. They then go upside down using their back legs to push the dung,up a large hill in an attempt to attract a mate. Once a mate has been attracted, they then bury the dung and lay the eggs in it, using the nutrients from the dung to sustain them. Watching the poor little guy rolling what must seem lIke a massive ball uphill is extraordinary. Unfortunately for one of the ones we saw, he just about made it uphill and then lost his grip with both him and the dung ball rolling back down into the middle of the road. We were gutted for him but admired his perseverance when he got back up and started rolling again. We figured a picture to remember on those moments when we think we are pushing ‘shit’ uphill.

After returning from the drive, we boarded a flat bottom boat that probably should hold thirty people or more but was just Philip and I, along with Max driving. We took a forty minute return ride to be at the point where four countries meet, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Here there is currently a small pontoon ferry transporting trucks one at a time from Botswana to Zambia. It’s tedious work and with the amount of trucks it can take up to a week before it is your turn. Being built now is a bridge. It’s cost quarter of a billion dollars and is being overseen by Daiwoo Korea. When completed it will theoretically speed up the time of transport throughout the southern part of Africa. It’s a big operate but you can see the potential benefits.

Upon returning and having brunch, it was then time to complete a few more blog updates and review some of the photos. We figured it was really important as tomorrow we are flying to the Okavango Delta where there is limited electricity let alone technology facilities. Therefore if we got way behind now we would be incredibly behind in a couple of days.

The temperature here has been really hot and today has been no exception. It’s been around the mid 30’s everyday and the last couple of days has seen us driving into a really warm head wind. Knowing that this impacts the behaviour of animals, Max headed straight for the water’s edge on our second drive of the day. Now I’ve mentioned Jurassic Park a couple of the times but if you have seen the scene where they look out onto the landscape and see dinosaurs of every description roaming the space, it was like that today. There was 22 giraffe in one space, 100’s of elephants, probably 40 hippopotamus out munching the grasses, impala and other antelope and even a few jackals scavenging the leftovers. There just weren’t enough photos we could take of this image (but we tried) It was very cool, and got even cooler when an elephant decided that he wanted to check out our jeep and almost then touched Philip!

Today we have our own private lodge. We are the only guests staying overnight. I guess it’s how the really rich live…a whole lodge and all the workers just for two people. We had told them not to go to too much trouble for dinner. Philip had even put in a request for steak and potatoes as we had had it a few days ago and so he figured it was a safe easy option.

When we’d arrived for dinner what we found was that they had set us at the end of the boardwalk in a quiet secluded part of the lodge. It was near the boat mooring and you could hear the hippos, bush bucks and frogs nearby. Then arrived was home made tomato soup with bread rolls, eye fillet steak with mashed potato, a few vetoes and great gravy and then to top it all off a brandy snap basket with fruit and ice cream. It was absolutely delicious. The only thing we did have to deal with were the bugs but a bit of bug spray provided by our hosts seemed to fix that. It was a really yummy dinner and a great way to end our time here.

Tomorrow an early morning safari and then off to the Okavango Delta area und lunchtime.

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