So what’s to love about Prague

* Despite the fact that it is incredibly busy it doesn’t feel unsafe. People are in two states – headed towards something or soaking in the atmosphere. Once you know which one you are then you just go with the flow

* it’s not expensive when compared to other European cities. No doubt it will become linked to others but at this stage it still seems to be coming out of the Communist era and discovering itself in the eyes of the world

* The buildings – put the beauty of Paris architecture with the laneways of Venice and you have Prague. Every time you delve into a new part of Prague you find something else amazing to look at – you tend to get lost in another time.

* The Astronomical clock – one of Claire’s favourites. Chimes every 15 minutes and then has a whole routine of moving parts and saints appearing and disappearing on the hour. Best to go there early in the morning as it gets very busy at night.

* The food has been great and there are plenty of alternatives both in terms of price and also style. Yep the hot hunks of ham for Philip have definitely been a hit.

* The range of things to do from Segways to puppet making; boat trips to Castle tours and Classical concerts to Jewish walking tours. Any number of things are possible in Prague depending upon your interest.

* You can also do it on the cheap – Walking is totally possible and many things you get to soak up just by being there and observing. ie The Castle Wall.

* The WOW places – the Castle complex, the Church of our Lady of Tyn. These wow kind of places are up in WOW.

* Every busker is amazing not some eight year looking to earn a little bit of pocket money by screeching the violin to the tunes of “Hot Cross Bun”. On every corner you get your own free classical concert or incredible singer. You could stand for ages or like us open the window of our attic bedroom and have your own Prague iTunes fill the space.

* Our apartment Karlova 27 organised through a Prague stay – you couldn’t have asked for a better location and size of apartment for the first timer coming to Prague. Right in the heart of everything but not that noisy as there is a city noise curfew from 10pm.

* Prague city noises – bells, chimes, music constantly surrounding the visitor to Prague. I’m sure the locals don’t hear it as much but as a tourist these sounds add character to the city. 

* The cobblestones – these are a double edged sword. They add so much character  to each street and are a constant reminder of how old the city is but they can be unbelievably slippery and need to be treated with care.

* Puppets – yeah sure Czechs are known for their Chrystal but seeing so many Chrystal shops the ooh goes out of what you are seeing and all you’re left with is the ahh. Not enough desire to buy anything as it kind of looks devalued.  Some of the puppets we have seen though have been original, full of personality and beautifully made at a very reasonable price.

So what’s not to like about Prague:

* The language – almost impossible to learn ( English is limited so make sure you have written documentation on what you need otherwise there could be communication problems )

* The train ride into Prague – quite industrial and not that interesting. Whilst Prague is beautiful all government funding seems to have been poured into the capital city not necessarily the country as a whole.

* Taxi costs – if you need a taxi when you get to Prague be prepared to get ripped off ( no-where else to go and on you’re own so they can charge what they like – 700 Czech or $35 Aus). On the way back when the apartment personnel rang for a taxi it then cost 110 Czech or $5.50 Aus – small difference! Look for taxis with a meter- if not know that you’ll be paying a premium but that you can probably afford it a whole lot more than them.

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