Saturday – 30th December – Hwange

Accomodation : Bomani Tented lodges

A 5am start this morning for breakfast by the fire – cereal, fruit and toast cooked on hot plate (flame grilled). By 5:30 we were off, us two and Harris our driver from yesterday. The sun had already risen so whilst the air was crisp, the sky was blue and birds were chirping, making for a morning of optimism and hopefully good game viewing. The safari lasted for around four hours and during this time we spotted giraffe, jackals, wildebeest, zebra, hippopotamus, warthogs and a multitude of birds including ostriches. Whilst we were missing elephants (which we saw yesterday) and the big cats, it was a nice introduction into our African safari experience.

With such an early breakfast, brunch was at 11am. Tuna lasagne, mixed salad, home made bread rolls and an interesting concoction of peas and corn. Given that I’d indicated that I wasn’t a fan of fish, they also made me sausages, surrounded by cheese and wrapped in bacon. Along with the muffins that we had on our safari, they really do a great job with non perishables given the distance from anything.

The afternoon was our own, looking out through the giant glass windows of our thatched cottage onto the ‘pan’ in front of us.

At 3:30 we headed off again for our afternoon safari. This time we were joined by four people from South Africa on the jeep. They had a keen interest in birds which initially triggered some undisclosed thoughts as we have been with bird enthusiasts before and let’s just say describing them as fanatical is tame. Birdies live for birds and get the most incredible pleasure from witnessing some three inch brown bird with some bird scientific name do nothing on a tree. It got even more pleasurable when they wanted to stop to photograph two turtle doves instead of a giraffe drinking at a waterhole. In the end they turned out to be very nice people who find learning about birds (and trees for that matter) challenging. Whilst we definitely didn’t cross over to the feathered dark side, we did learn a few new things from them.

The highlights of the afternoon safari (apart from the birds) including visiting a wide open plain where zebra, wildebeest and multiple giraffes roamed. It was your true African savannah picture, apart from the elephants which we did see drinking at a waterhole. There was plenty of wildlife to keep us interested for the four hours that we were out so another good time was had in Hwange.

Dinner tonight was undercover as apparently someone had complained last night about the bugs…really we are in Africa! I guess those Swedish tourists aren’t used to bugs whilst you’re eating. Personally we thought dinner under the stars next to the fire pit was lovely and didn’t find the bugs all that bad…perspective I guess or maybe some people just like to complain. Either way we loved it!

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