Monday, 6th January: Getting from Point A to Point B

A travel day today going from Tromso to Zurich. It was sad to leave Tromso after such a wonderful experience. Philip had stayed up til past midnight as the Northern Lights appeared about 10pm and he didn’t want to miss any opportunity for another photo. It’s strange how something natural in the sky can have such a hold on you. It drifts in and then just as quickly fades into the night sky. At times it looks like bleach has been splattered in an area, causing that part of the sky to fade just as bleach would on an old pair of jeans. At other times, it’s a white glow that intensifies until the patch is so bright that the sky around it is just a frame for the image. Then there’s the one that appears from no where as if a light has been turned on and then flickers off into the distance. Watching these three types and trying to work out which one will appear next, what colour it will be and where it will come in the sky is all part of the adventure.

We departed Lauklines at 8:30, dropping our car off at the airport and then taking the one hour 40 minute flight to Oslo. We had been able to check in online again with SAS and therefore had managed to secure the emergency exit seats on both the going to and from Tromso (a bit of bonus in terms of leg room).
At Oslo we needed to wait five hours until our flight for Zurich left. The lady at the Tromso counter had been really helpful and checked our bags through despite the Zurich leg being with Swiss Air – an advantage of the Star Alliance between airlines.

As a result we were able to go straight through to the international section at Oslo, scrounge together the remaining Norwegian Krone and buy ourselves something to eat. (It’s a bit harder to scrounge here as everything costs so much $35 for a hamburger or $30 for 2 small pieces of pizza and $7 for a 500 ml bottle of Coke) it would want to be good!

Luckily we didn’t need to go the hamburger or pizza option given that Claire and Philip had managed to score some spaghetti bolognaise packed in noodle boxes at Tromso airport. At $3 per 100grams it was actually cheap and both said that it tasted ok as a breakfast meal or any meal for that matter.

The five hours at Oslo was spent watching the planes come in, the snow falling and way in which machinery cleared the tarmac with such precision. First the ploughs would come in and push the snow to the side, then the graters would come in and ensure the surfaces are clear and then machinery like harvesters would come and suck up the snow shooting it into the back of large trucks to be taken away. Watching everything happen in formation was like watching a dressage event with a multitude of horses performing at once or as Claire described “watching circle work occur”.

At 5:15pm our plane departed for Zurich. Luckily it wasn’t very full and so for the second time on this trip Philip managed to get a row of three to himself and a chance to catch up on a little sleep given that he was up until 12:45 last night photographing the lights.

At 7:45 we arrived in Zurich, had something to eat at the airport as Zurich airport has a really good food area; not too busy and freshly cooked food. Then into the shuttle bus for our overnight stay at the Hotel Allegra. It’s a funky kind of hotel about 5 minutes drive from the airport and a chance to recharge before the 14 hour flight to Buenos Aires tomorrow night.

So today was a travelling day and almost the end of the Europe part of our holiday. Flying into Zurich we looked out at the sky to watch for the lights …but they weren’t there. We will really miss Norway and all it had to offer; in fact we’ll miss the Europe we have seen…but who knows what the next part of the holiday will bring…and that’s the exciting part.

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