Monday, 2nd January – our last night on tour

This morning we got to have bit of a sleep in as it was only a short drive to Bundala National park and then our overnight stay. The breakfast was another feast – a reflection of how good this hotel is – the best we’ve stayed in. Claire even managed to obtain some ice cream for her freshly made waffles from the waiter who we befriended on New Years Eve. Amazing how far being nice to someone and slipping them a few dollars tip can get you.

Bundala was only a short forty five minutes drive away travelling along the coast (although it was not visible throughout the drive).Now we’re not really into birds but it seems like this is the place to go if they’re you’re thing. For us though it was also the meeting point for Claire’s friend Jen to join us. She had flown in last night, spent a few hours at a Colombo airport hotel and then been transferred down to the meeting point by Blue Lanka, our tour company.

We arrived at Turtle Bay resort down a third world road as they called it, all this occurring as our guide and driver needed to ask copious locals how to get there. It was quite obvious that they had not been there before given the amount of Sri Lankan that was being exchanged between them and the numerous stops along the way, phone calls to the hotel and amount of slow driving that occurred.

The hotel itself was at the end of the road right on the coast itself. It was a double storey building with an infinity pool that looked out over the ocean with a buffer between them consisting of palm trees, ocean rocks and a garden. We were on the second floor giving us a great view across the bay where the fishermen and their Hawaiian looking boats would spend each night. It wasn’t a huge hotel, only having around seven rooms but it was an exquisite setting and a place where you could be treated as an individual – no set dining times, people on request to help and a beach that went for miles.

Our first stop was some lunch as it was starting to get quite late and Jen in particular was hungry with her body clock still trying to react to Sri Lankan time and also the lack of sleep. The food was great and it was obvious that the guests staying here enjoyed food other than rice and curry as there was plenty of other options on the menu.

Following food, we took a four kilometre walk down the beach and upon returning went for a swim in the pool which was now illuminated and reflecting a beautiful blue colour in the increasing darkness. A retro Happy New Year also lit up the darkness. Another quick bite to eat to top off a great day before an early night for us all as we all seemed to be feeling the effects of a couple of long days.

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