Living on the Edge

This December and January we will be on the Equator and much warmer than our last few trips at this time of year which were generally Northern winters. Much less to pack…
We start in the Maldives which is a group of Islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s been on the bucket list for some time and is one of the best dive locations in the world. The main attractions for us will be the Whale Shark and Manta Rays!

Next we will be exploring the wonders of Sri Lanka for the first time. We will be visiting many of the National Parks renowned for their wildlife as well as some of the cultural and historic sites of the Island. We are completing our Sri Lanka leg with 6 nights in a private villa on the coast experiencing the local lifestyle. We will be joined by a friend and relaxing… well our version of it, whale trips, turtle hatchery, cycling, etc, etc.

Lastly we will spend a couple of nights showing our friend Jen around Singapore… and revisiting one of Claire’s favourite place’s to eat Swensen’s which is a bit of an ice-cream wonderland.

So if your interested follow along here. Internet access may be a bit limited but we will update the blog when we can.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Phil, Carolyn & Claire.

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