Friday, 6th January – ‘How do you like your curry?’

Today started with another morning breakfast made by the chef. It seems strange to be at your own personal table with another person in the kitchen, (who you can see) making whatever it is that you want and then washing the dishes. By hey I said strange not that we didn’t like it.

From there it was another trip down to see the ‘happy pants’ lady who is becoming a bit of a regular on our trip. She is the only shop that makes happy pants and shorts and that’s great for people like us who don’t have Asian bodies. Yep a little here and a little more around the hips – yep that’s correct we think. Maybe a little more than a little so we tell her to do what she needs.

After the happy pants lady onto the spa for a massage and scrub. The setting for the spa is really beautiful. Off the Main Street down a little alleyway and into a tropical garden with double storey buildings that are accessed by Rapunzel type metal spiral staircases. The ladies there do a great job, very friendly despite the limited English.

After our massage we took the tuk tuks back to the villa and I headed out to the ‘local’ to pick up some take away lunch which went down a treat back at the villa. We were having a Roti dinner tonight in the paddy fields so I guess this meal was also a little bit of insurance against the possible prospect that we wouldn’t be a fan of what was served up.

Now the instructions for getting to the dinner were that we had to meet at a particular post office. We thought this would be your good old regular post office in a central town somewhere. This wasn’t the case. The two little tuk tuk drivers took off from the villa with a whole lot of confidence, particularly the lead guy. The other little old man that we have had a few times, was happy to follow.

After driving for around 30 minutes and our tuk tuk drivers stopping a few times, not only to ask for directions but also to put the fuel onto the reserve, we managed to find a building with one metal post box attached to the wall. Yep that’s how far out we were. This was the post office. Two men on a motor bike, smiled at us and issued something to the drivers as much to say ‘well done you made it’ and then we followed them through a number of small paths until we came to a rammed earth house with an open thatched shelter that had rammed earth walls that went up half of the heights and become the back rests for seating inside the shelter. A man and lady who looked like the local villagers were cooking and another guy who turned out to the activity guide explained to us a little of the herbs and spices that we’re going to be used. Hmm danger Will Robinson!!!!

When we explained that we weren’t big spicy people and didn’t like it hot, he muttered something to the others. When we also explained that Claire couldn’t eat seafood and then found out there were a number of seafood items on the menu, he apologised but said that he hadn’t been told any of this by the company that organised it. ‘No problem’ we said or in Sri Lankan ‘hurry hurry’. We had booked so that we could see Roti being made that was our desire so anything on top of that was a plus (besides we instigated our insurance plan earlier that day)

The man preparing the roti was amazing. He came from a nearby village and had the skill of making it look easy. When we tried however we didn’t have quite the same talent and just made a mess of perfectly good dough. We have now however got a much deeper respect for the square packet of roti that we buy in the supermarket. He also had a really clever skill of measuring out the little balls of dough. He had a large clump and then would squeeze it through a circle made by his thumb and index finger. This would made a ball that he would break off into perfect little portions.

Now the roti was pretty good even if he did have to tone it down but some of the other dishes were challenging particularly the black pork which only few could even sample – surprisingly Philip was one of them. Jen and I in particular really struggled which the locals thought was a little humorous, giving us treacle every now and again which seemed to quell the tingling on the lips.

The dinner was finished off with fresh buffalo curd and treacle something that Claire and Jen struggled with but to Philip and I it was a little like yoghurt. With Jen’s tummy now going into overdrive and our tuk tuk drivers returning to take us back to the villa we headed off. Well not non stop back. Top up for fuel, and a quick duck in the pharmacy for one of the drivers. That’s how they roll here. Hey at least the meters not running. You just pay for the trip.

A quick recap of the plans for the next couple of days and then into bed as tomorrow morning we are up early for our whale watching expedition.

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