Friday – 12th January – Capetown

Accommodation : Commodore hotel
Transportation : Hop on hop off and a lot of walking

Another top notch breakfast was in store for us to start our day. Now if we ever wondered why we’re the size we are and others aren’t, today was the answer. There’s a man staying at the hotel; we estimate he could be around 70 years of age. He walks around with his top off just about the whole time and he’s even hard to miss around town. The guy is obviously proud of his appearance. He is cut like a body builder and whilst the colour of his skin replicates that of a full on fake tan, the degree of peeling in his bald scalp probably means that it is real. Philip spends his time concerned for the guy’s welfare in terms of skin cancer and I just see the definition of his abs. Today he sat on the table next to us. Whilst we tucked into our eggs, bacon, pancakes and cheese and bickies; he drank copious cups of tea and ate every single piece of fruit he could lay his hands on…that’s it! You’ve got a huge buffet and it’s fruit for him. If that’s what it’s going to take; it’s never going to happen especially when you’re on holidays. I recon he could have given Tommy Hafey a good run for his money.

Leaving ‘Muscles’ behind, we went down to the waterfront and purchased a City pass complete with hop on hop off for three days. First stop, the aquarium next door. Whilst I wouldn’t go to Cape Town just for this attraction, it was nice enough and a quick easy visit started the day.

Our next attraction though was fabulous. We had been showed the outside of it by Eric, our photo tour guide yesterday. He explained that it was the African Art Gallery and was built using an old silo. He said it was one of those sites where the pigeons occupied and the poop piled up – a complete eye sore. On the outside, you can still see some of the round silo stacks adjoining a rectangular concrete building. Whilst the windows above the building, that have become apartments look beautiful, it says nothing for what is inside. When you step into the building though, you are taken away by its beauty and by the architects vision of the site,. It is absolutely stunning – in our opinion more stunning than the art work in it! The building has been transformed. Parts of the silo have been opened up in curved lines and the thickness of the silos themselves has been smooth and buffed to expose the stones that make up the walls. You just want to run your hands over them. It’s an excellent example of what can be done with vision and money.

Next stop the craft market. It’s right near Nobel Square, which houses the statues of the four Nobel Peace prize winners for South Africa. Here is another part of town where buskers fill the space and little kids can’t help but get involved. It’s a nice place to sit and watch and listen. The craft market is a big warehouse that houses many artisans and their wares. It’s a cool place to wander for a little while…and also out of the sun which Philip liked. We bought a couple of things but not too much given we’d have to find space for it in the bags.

Finally we jumped on board the Sunset bus purchased as part of the hop on hop off package. This double decker bus took us up to Signal Hill which stands adjacent to Table Mountain. It was incredible how many people were there especially when the sun set over the ocean and therefore there was very little in the foreground to contrast it with. At 8pm, the sun dropped behind the horizon, not the greatest sunset, but still it had been nice sitting on the hill, taking time out. The trip up to the hill also took us along the coast line and so it was lovely to see the likes of Camps Bay where we had considered staying (but very glad of our current selection as it’s where everything is happening, even if it doesn’t have a beach).

With the traffic being incredible coming down the hill, it took us some time to reach the waterfront so we decided that a shower (a quick one at that) was a higher priority than food. With that in mind, we made our way back to the hotel getting there around 9:30 (after locating a short cut).

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