A week in review

Upon checking Facebook just a few short moments ago and everyone writing Happy New Year – one would imagine it’s the 31st of December. Yep one of the wonderful things about traveling is how quickly you forget what day or date it really is. However considering that it is New Year’s Eve and we left just before Christmas we have now been traveling a little over a week.

Now I know there are many people following this blog and have thoroughly enjoyed almost “being on the trip” with us… Please note this special section is being written by the editor (Claire) and not our resident journalist. Therefore you will not expect to find such a high level of literacy skills or big words. However continue reading if you have already got your “coffee ready”….

So over the last week we have made many personal additions starting with none other but…

Our waist line:
Wow these Europeans certainly do know how to hold a Christmas market and being a good tourist it is important that you indulge yourself in everything coated in chocolate, mixed with chocolate or is chocolate, then there’s the bretzels, pancakes, donuts, marshmallow ice cream cones, ham from Prague markets, hot freshly fried potato chips… The list goes on.

We have had some awesome breakfast food at the hotels or on the train… Quality OJ and peanut butter (fanta and peanuts … Oops nothing was open that morning). Dinners… Best was the Sheraton Christmas dinner and the many calzones and spag bol….  

The second addition through this trip is the weight of our suitcases:
Now those Christmas markets don’t only sell food but souvenirs as well…. So let’s have a think what the suitcases now hold?? There’s Christmas decorations, special dolls, a church candle, our marionette puppets, Swarovski crystal, pins, beanies…. Our shopping is no where near finished so the “Tetris style” will need to be employed to fit everything in soon 
Hhhmmm third comes our knowledge…
Committed blog readers will have read about the history of Salzburg, Prague, Vienna including the Hapsburg family, Maria Antoinette, Prague castle, salzburg castle… I feel that our journalist has covered these topics exceptionally well so let’s move on…  

Fourth addition – 1400 photos (no jokes here)…
Yep! Not only do we bring with us a journalist but also two pro photographers!!! In fact we have more cameras than we do people on the trip so I guess it is no surprise that in a week we have managed to take one and a half thousand photos… Happy you only have to look at a sample that fits the blog now aren’t you??  
5th and last addition of course are the memories…
Right now we are sitting on a train from Innsbruck back to Zurich. There is snow everywhere, the alps are just gorgeous with the magnificent blue sky only broken with the crystal white snow. This is not classified as an “activity” yet when we think back to the trip I know it will stay clear in our minds. There’s the many laughs along the way from “choo choo”, do we catch a bus from there? No darl… It would slide down the hill (on top of the alps)… The “cookie trafficking” moment and so on….

There’s the moment when you can’t find your hotel only to turn around and see the amazing Our Lady of Tyn in the heart of old town Prague… Or sitting high up on the hill soaking in all Salzburg has to offer… Or my favourite playing in the snow on the Austrian alps.
It really is amazing what one can do in a week!!! We can only imagine how exciting and action packed the next 3-4 will be. Yes we do move countries and cities at a fast pace but with “the planned book” in toe we don’t miss a trick in each city and often do the “road less traveled” such as puppet making in Prague. Another highlight!  

So for those who love reading the blog… Sit back and relax… Our next stop is Norway!

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